Updated: Dec 6, 2020

When I first started my cookie business, I was lucky to have a degree in culinary arts as well as experience working in commercial bakeries and restaurants. I already knew how to set up my cottage bakery properly and knew that it would definitely have many elements of a commercial kitchen. I've had some bakers ask about what tools and supplies I use, so I thought I would put together a list of some of my favorites for everyone! The list is created with a budget in mind, and models what has worked well for me! I definitely recommend buying quality over quantity! There are so many items and supplies available, it's easy to buy things you will never use! So take a look below to see some of my favorites!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: redvelvetcookiesandbakingco@gmail.com

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Small Tools & Supplies

Oven Thermometer

Most ovens can run a little hot or cold, so it's very important to make sure your oven is at the correct temperature! You might think your oven is at 350 degrees, but it could actually be 5-10 degrees off! Even though I have a new oven, I always keep one around to check for accuracy!

Half Size Sheet Pans

I love aluminum baking sheets! They're lightweight, distribute heat evenly and are easy to clean! I love to bake on these pans with silicone mats, but I normally allow my decorated cookies to dry on parchment paper using these same pans!

Half Size Sheet Pan Lids

These lids fit your half sheet pans perfectly and keep your baked goods fresh and protected! They normally don't work with the bun rack unless you turn your pans the opposite direction but it's still good to have some of these on hand. I use these on a regular basis!

Silicone Mat

Silicone mats are my favorite to bake on! Even though Silpat brand runs a bit more, they are my preferred choice! Mats offer even heat distribution during baking and are super easy to clean! They can also keep cookies from drying out. I wash mine in hot soapy water and rinse well with hot water. To deep clean just cut a lemon in half, scrub your mats and rinse. They will be as good as new! Not only are these mats superior quality, it's fun to use products from around the world. These mats are made in France!

*If you decide to purchase a cheaper brand just make sure the corners are rounded or they will not fit your pans as well!

Bakers Commercial Bun Rack

This is the ultimate in storage for your baked and decorated cookies! All your baked items stay clean, organized, protected, and you can also add a cover to this rack! If you do a lot of baking, this rack is a lifesaver!

Half Size Bakers Commercial Bun Rack

For small kitchens or cookie rooms you can also purchase a half size rack!

(See rack covers below)

Full Size Bun Rack Cover

Full size vinyl rack cover with easy zipper front. Front panel easily rolls up and is placed on top while using the rack! Zip up when your done to keep baked items clean and separated from any contamination.

Half Size Bun Rack Cover

Half size vinyl rack cover with easy zipper front. Front panel easily rolls up and is placed on top while using the rack! Zip up when your done to keep items clean and separated from any contamination.

Stainless Steel Spatula

My favorite thin spatula for cookies!

Offset Spatula

My other favorite spatula to transfer cookie dough "cut outs "or "baked cookies!"

Dough EZ Mat

The best mat to roll out cookie dough! Place dough on one half of the mat, fold over the other half of mat, roll out the dough, fold back top side, add a sheet of parchment on top of rolled dough, flip everything over, roll out dough one more time if needed and cut out cookies .....perfect every time! This sounds like a lot of work but its a very fast process!

Rolling Pin

This affordable rolling pin is hugely popular amongst the cookie community! I have also invested in The Cookie Countess rolling pin! Both are really nice!

12 Quart Round Cambro

Perfect flour and sugar containers for quantity baking! I own two/flour and two/sugar containers for my cottage bakery! It's no lie that containers are expensive but these are food safe and perfect for storing your dry goods! Don't forget the lid!

Cambro Lid for 12 qt Container

Don't forget your lid!

OXO Scoop

The perfect scoop for flour and sugar!

Cookie Decorating Turntable

This is an inexpensive turntable to start out with, but I also have the LC Sweets turntable and love it as well!

Pico Projector

For all your image work and lettering, I love the Pico! It can be temperamental at times, but for the money it's the best available. Other image projectors are a lot more expensive so it's worth it to work with this one! Majority of "cookiers" own this model. When ordering make sure you buy additional cables needed for your set up!

Art Brushes for detailing Cookies

A nice inexpensive brush set to use on fondant or royal icing cookies!

More Art Brushes for Detailing Cookies

Another set of art brushes I love to use!

This is a popular disposable bag that I use but I also order bags from www.grunderfullydelicious.com She has really fast delivery and some great products on her page! My favorite clips to use with your pastry bag is from Ikea but check Grunderfully Delicious, I think she has something similar!

Disposable pastry Bag Sealing Clips

One of my favorite clips to use with disposable pastry bags! If you have two types of icing in the same color, the option of different colored clips will allow you to distinguish between the different consistencies.


Americolor Gel Colors

The perfect set to get you started with all your decorating!

Stencil Genie By Creative Cookier

My all time favorite product to use with your stencils! Great products and customer service with all products by Creative Cookier!

Vanilla Bean Paste

I love this vanilla bean and use it in almost all my baked goods! It's expensive but cheaper to buy in the larger size! Vanilla in any form is like liquid gold!

Genie Meringue Powder By Creative Cookier

The best meringue powder! I never use anything else!

Refill Bag of Genie Meringue Powder

Refill Bags of meringue powder.

Arkon Mount

A must have item if you plan to make videos or photograph your cookies! This stand will also hold your Pico Projector and is highly recommended over cheaper stands!

Scribe Tool

The perfect scribe tool for decorating cookies! I love to have this one on hand because it's nice and sharp! ~Coming Soon~ Red Velvet Cookies and Baking Co is putting out it's own line of scribes! www.instagram.com/pipedreamscribes

PME Decorating Tip

This is my go to tip for writing with royal icing! Consistency of icing is everything so practice definitely make perfect! I always keep at least five of these on hand! They are also great for detailing and decorating!


Wilton Master Decorating Tip Set

Every decorator should have one master set of decorating tips! This one is a great one to keep on hand!

Small Decorating Bottles

When I want to use bottles, these are my favorite! Just replace the plastic tip with your favorite metal one and your ready to go! Use the sweet sugarbelle mini spatula to get icing in and out of your bottles! *Sweet sugarbelle spatula sold at Michaels or any other long skinny spatula would work fine.

Perfect for picking up dragees or round shapes.

Curved Tweezers

Perfect for picking up even the smallest grains of sugar or decorating items.

Food Dehydrator

This is my favorite dehydrator to speed up the drying time of royal icing, but check stock to see if a six tray model is available at a lower price!

Food Scale

Every kitchen needs a scale to weigh flour and other dry ingredients! You might like this one, but definitely take a look at a few models and compare them!

I hope you found this list helpful! Stay tuned for ~Part Two~Happy Baking!